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Inspiring Youth Through TechnologyInspiring Youth Through the Use of Technology
Inspiring Youth Through Technology
Inspiring Youth Through Technology Intel Presents Computer ClubhouseAbout Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network provides a safe, creative environment where young people from under-served communities work closely with adult mentors to explore their own ideas,
develop skills, and build confidence
through the use of technology.
Learn more about the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network.

Affecting Individual Lives
Both a physical place and a learning philosophy, the Intel Computer Clubhouse is designed to motivate and inspire individual young people, creating ideas and opportunities in technology. Here's a look inside a few of their lives.


Computer Clubhouse Locations
Getting involved in an Intel Computer Clubhouse can be inspiring, rewarding, and fun. Find out where existing Computer Clubhouses are located, and learn how to qualify to start one in your community. Click here for information on Contact Information and Eligible Geographies. Click here to learn about Locations Under Development.

  Take a closer look at the purpose and people behind computer clubhouses in this video.
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Intel Computer Clubhouse Network News
It's exciting to see the activity and successes youth and mentors are experiencing within the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. Each quarter, our newsletter highlights recent grand openings, international locations, sponsors, a calendar of upcoming events, and success stories from mentors, Clubhouse Coordinators, and youth. It's inspiring to learn about these happenings around the global network. Download the newsletter in .pdf format

Computer Clubhouse Web site*
Visit the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Web site and find specific information on individual Computer Clubhouses, links to other Web sites, and project and program information.

Clubhouse Digital Art Screensaver
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Processor: 486 performance level or better.

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