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Learning About Technology
The Journey Inside(SM)

Is a computer like a brain? How do an electric circuit, a transistor, and a microprocessor work? How is technology affecting day-to-day life and society as a whole?

Engaging Technology to Explain Technology
The Journey InsideSM is an interactive, media-rich Web site that answers important questions about computers and the Internet through activities that help explain how technology works and impacts our society. The site is designed for teaching and learning, and is divided into two parts:
  1. Student Section: This section is like an online science museum filled with interactive learning activities to explore and videos to watch.

  2. Teacher Guide: Teachers may customize the student section to suit their students' needs, as well as access supplemental and background materials for the classroom. Teachers can also create unique logins so students only access select lessons.
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Hands-on to Minds-on - The Kit Transitions to the Web
The Journey Inside is based on Intel's hands-on classroom kit entitled "The Journey Inside: The Computer." Though the kit is no longer available, the materials from that successful teaching tool have been integrated and updated into this interactive Web-based resource for teaching about technology.

Media and Technology Recommendations
This site requires plug-ins.
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