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Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
Apple Computers Tech Exchange
This free site provided by Apple walks through basic and advanced solutions. This is one of the first places to go to for Macintosh* troubleshooting techniques.

PC Support 101
This site offers an introduction to the basic hardware components of a PC. And with a selection of beginner's manuals on a variety of subjects, it's a nice reference point for anyone who is trying to get oriented to the PC.

SCSI School
This school will help you understand and learn more about SCSI technology. SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) allows a computer user to connect various external devices to their computer. Learn more about SCSI terms and specifications at this site. Topics include What is SCSI?, General SCSI Specifications, What is an SCA / RAID connector?, Types of SCSI Signals, Rules for Connecting SCSI Devices.

Universal Plug and Play Forum
Need to improve the connectivity of the PC's and stand-alone devices throughout your school'? Here's a forum to help schools and businesses design an open networking architecture that creates a seamless data transfer among networked devices in the school, home, office and everywhere in between.

Free on-line technical support, product reviews, downloads, and more. For immediate help with technical problems, try "Fix It Now."

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