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Help With Viruses* (anti-virus products)** offers security and anti-virus software applications. This site offers information about McAfee products, virus definitions, virus news, downloads of virus definition files, product updates, and online purchase capabilities.
   Symantec (Norton Antivirus*)*
This is the corporate site for Symantec Corporation. Symantec makes Norton Antivirus, a well known anti-viral software application. This site offers news articles, downloads of virus definition files, and online purchase capabilities.
Other Resources
   F-Secure Corporation (data security products)*
F-Secure Corporation, provides data security products. The Web site offers product information, downloads, and online purchase capabilities.
   MicroTech Systems (data security for schools)*
MicroTech Systems, Inc. offers business, library, and school-focused security solutions. The company's software is used to protect users' files and folders from unauthorized access. Administrators and teachers can protect files with a password and encrypt private files, securely delete confidential files, create read-only shared folders, and let students protect their data on shared computers. This is a marketing site.
   Panda Software (anti-virus products)*
Panda Software sells anti-virus solutions for both standalone computers and corporate network systems. This corporate site offers downloads, online purchase opportunities, and technical support of the company's products.
   Proland Software (Protector Plus* antivirus software)*
This site provides information about virus protection software targeted at schools and hospitals, where virus attacks can be especially damaging. This site offers updates and downloads, technical support, and online purchase opportunities.
   SonicWALL, Inc. (Internet security appliances)*
SonicWALL, Inc. (formerly Sonic Systems) provides affordable Internet security hardware for small to medium size companies including schools, libraries and small office/home office environments. SonicWALL's focus on Internet security includes creating firewalls, virtual private networking, and content filtering. This is a corporate site that provides a list of resellers.
   ZDNet (portal to virus information)*
The ZDNet site is a portal to other Web sites that offer information about current viruses. The site presents news articles and offers links to sites where you can download virus fixes.

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