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National Engineers Week

Boosting Public Awareness of, and Appreciation for, the Engineering Profession
National Engineers Week is a national program designed to help build public awareness of, and appreciation for, the engineering profession. The Intel Involved initiative supports National Engineers Week by inviting engineers and technicians to visit local schools equipped with a program plan, a few basic materials, and their enthusiasm. Student engineering projects can include building a tower with straws and gumdrops, uncooked spaghetti noodles or miniature marshmallows. Students may build a bridge using Popsicle* sticks and glue, or float a boat made from aluminum foil to see how many steel washers it can support.

Whatever the project, students get hands-on experience with an engineering problem, working with real engineers who provide coaching and encouragement. Nationwide, more than 1,000 Intel employees contributed over 4,000 hours to the program in 2001, while meeting nearly 45,000 students in classrooms in local communities.

"National Engineers Week outreach efforts can only succeed with dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers from all sectors of the profession. Intel engineers have enriched our efforts with their thousands of hours of service."

Leslie Collins,
Executive Director of
National Engineers Week

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