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Supporting Core Programs in Engineering and Computer Science at Leading Universities Worldwide
A high school student has her sights on higher education with a Biotechnology science project at the Intel international Science and Engineering Fair Intel university programs include national and community-based programs worldwide. National programs enable Intel to develop working relationships with institutions chosen for their emphasis on research and student development in selected technical areas. Intel site university programs emphasize close relationships between Intel sites and universities within their communities.

Through its curriculum support programs, Intel provides support for core university curricula in technical areas that match Intel's product development and design areas. Intel's new technology integration programs are designed to bring emerging technologies, such as biotechnology, from the research lab into the teaching curriculum. Through its research programs, Intel engages with key faculty members at leading universities. Additional programs focus on student support and outreach efforts that encourage women and under-represented minorities to pursue technical careers.

Curriculum Support
Intel curriculum programs, funded through Intel Corporation, help support core programs in engineering, computer science, and related areas at leading universities worldwide. Intel focuses on specialized graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses, encouraging collaboration between departments and other industry partners. Intel selects participating universities based on leadership in research and technology innovation in semiconductors, computer technology, and communications. In 2001, Intel continued to expand its worldwide presence with the addition of key universities in Germany, Jordan, Mexico, the People's Republic of China, Spain, and Taiwan.

The Distinguished Lecture program also helps to support these curriculum programs. Intel makes senior employees available to present technology overviews in their respective areas of expertise. In 2001, key topics included chip technologies, power and interconnects, and manufacturing issues.

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