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Disaster Relief

An Intel employee pledged his donation to the September 11th relief efforts; total employee donations reached $1.2 million Intel acts globally to support Intel communities affected by major disasters. We commit a variety of resources including grants, volunteers, matching employee giving and technical support.

January 26, 2001-Earthquake in India
Immediately following the earthquake in Gujarat, India, Intel Corporation made a direct donation of $108,000. In the days that followed, more than 2,300 Intel employees contributed over $745,000 in additional donations, which the Intel Foundation matched for a total donation of over $1.6 million. These donations were distributed through the Red Cross and other non-profit relief agencies.

September 11, 2001-Terrorist Attacks
Intel employees joined the world in expressing condolences to all who were affected by the events of September 11, 2001. This tragedy led to the largest disaster relief donation in the history of Intel. The Intel Foundation donated $2.2 million and employees donated an additional $1.2 million, for a total contribution of $3.4 million. Operation Unity coordinated Intel resources in four areas:
  • Communication Centers for New York Rescue and Recovery Efforts
    Intel employees established two mobile technology and communication centers in New York, including one at Ground Zero for the New York City Office of Emergency Management. Intel also provided e-mail, Internet, and telephone services at the Javits Center, the command and deployment center for Ground Zero relief workers and emergency personnel. Intel also helped to develop the New York Area Hospital Patient Locator System, which enabled families to communicate with local hospitals about missing victims.

  • Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies
    Intel donated computers to the U.S. Secret Service and the Police Department of the Port Authority of New York to assist field investigations.

  • Technology for Relief Agencies and other Non-Profit Organizations
    Intel employees provided computer and technology assistance to a variety of agencies involved in the relief effort and to key organizations affected by the disaster. Recipients included the New Jersey Family Assistance Center, the American Red Cross, the New York Board of Education, Helen Keller Worldwide and the Education Alliance.

  • Assistance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
    Intel employees created a central repository of available support information and services on-line at*. In addition, Intel worked in close cooperation with the New York Chamber of Commerce and New York Partnership to offer technical assistance to more than 600 companies and organizations.

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