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It's a Wild Ride Web Site Compelling new content and an enriched menu of resources make the Intel Innovation in Education Web site an important asset for teachers who are committed to improving their skills and increasing student achievement. In the survey "Teachers' Tools for the 21st Century: A Report on Teachers' Use of Technology," teachers most frequently cited independent learning as the best source of technology training (93 percent), followed by professional development activities (88 per-cent), and colleagues (87 percent). Through the Intel Innovation in Education Web site, Intel provides teachers with direct access to powerful resources for continuing professional development.
To develop research-based tools and resources, Intel formed collaborative relationships with education and research organizations including the Center for Innovative Learning Technologies and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Newly developed content includes It's a Wild Ride, a mathematics, science, and language arts project that models how to use technology in effective teaching.

The Web site also enables teachers to access Intel Teach to the Future unit plans, in addition to information about other Intel education programs such as the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. From The Journey Inside, an interactive journey through a computer, to descriptions of how microprocessors work, the Intel Innovation in Education Web site provides a wealth of information about teaching, learning, and technology.

Overall the site has grown by 300 percent, and visitor traffic has increased by 200 percent during 2001. New content in 2002 will include the addition of interactive tools for teaching and learning about cause and effect, systems, data analysis, and problem solving. The site will add content in the areas of innovative leadership, girls and engineering, and emerging technologies. An Innovation Odyssey will take visitors on a global tour of innovative uses of technology in education. Visit to experience innovation in education.

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