Group 3: Effort and Grade Narrative

The team of teachers prepared brief descriptions of individual
student effort and results on the final design contributions.


Engineer: Grade received: C-

This engineer is a very bright student who did not take his job very seriously. His journal entries are very vague. His measurements do not match the architect's scale. He only completed a rough outline for his technical report and did not give much detail. He should have been able to create some graphs from his work and he also did not finish all his calculations.

Architect: Grade received: A

This architect is a very intelligent and independent worker. She has shown some difficulty in working with groups because she is not very tolerant of lower-functioning students. She is focused on quality. This project has worked well for these types of students because they can complete their piece individually and still have it fit with other work that may not be at the quality they expect. She established an appropriate scale for the blueprint and the car. She had an excellent side and top view completed to scale. She labeled her track for distance and indicated total time, but did not indicate speed and time for track segments. The highlight of the artistic rendition is her depiction of the inside track and the outside track. She tried to work with the engineer's maquette model.

Researcher: Grade received: A

This researcher demonstrated great writing skills through this paper. She is an independent worker and conscientious. She followed the writing process. Her research has a catchy introduction and a focused thesis statement. She used research to support her thesis. She related her research to the team project, which many students did not do, although her conclusion was weak.

Presenter: Grade received: B

Drew is a slightly below-average student who loves people and likes to work in groups. The strength of his presentation is in his persuasive writing and creativity with words. He did his presentation on a Web page which was his first time which may explain why it lacked visuals. He incorporated other group members' work in his presentation.

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