Group 4: Effort and Grade Narrative

The team of teachers prepared brief descriptions of individual
students' effort and results on the final design contributions.


Engineer: Grade received: B

Although an average student who can be disorganized and turn in poor quality work, this engineer excelled in this project and took it very seriously. He did not waste any time in class. A notable difference during this project was that he asked questions and initiated asking for help. His maquette model was one of the better ones and matches the architect's design perfectly. The calculations were reasonable. He did not get the acceleration measurements completed but it was not due to lack of responsibility or effort.

Architect: Grade received: B

This architect is a new student to our school and we have not seen much high quality work to date. During this unit he worked quite well with his group. He struggled with representing the maquette accurately and the measurements do not seem to correlate with the engineer's work. He did a good job at establishing scale and representing things to scale but had a difficult time visually representing the design from the maquette. He correctly labeled his track for distance and time. This is excellent work for him and he took initiative throughout this project.

Researcher: Grade received: B

This researcher is an excellent student who typically completes "A" level work. The fact that she completed less than an "A" paper is surprising. Her research is missing a citations page and the sentence structure is poor. If there were more time we would have her complete the paper at a higher level. We can only surmise that she ran out of time since the end of the year was so hectic.

Public Relations Director/Presenter: Grade received: A

Another high-performing student who likes to use technology, this public relations director had done a few PowerPoint presentations before so she has had experience with this task. She did a good job at tying in her group's work but we think she could have included more information into a more in-depth presentation. She used the digital camera for some pictures but we would encourage her to use more graphics to enhance the presentation. If there was more time, we would also encourage her to add depth to her presentation.

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