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Teacher MeetingUsing Wild Ride - Quick Tour
Presentation Goals
  • Share a multidisciplinary curriculum project that integrates technology
  • Identify project resources and how to access them
  • Inform teachers of other opportunities to learn from this resource

Communication Opportunities

  • Staff meeting
  • Staff mailboxes
  • Morning announcement

Select Presentation Materials
The following materials can be used to support and enhance your presentation. We provide several options for Internet access, computer projector, or overhead projector.

Preview the Video and Explore the Web Site

  • Select the presentation format that best meets your need
  • Gather needed materials: Video, bookmarks, and/or handouts
  • Test Equipment: Check sound and adjust for room size

Talking Points

1. Introduce the resource: What is it?
It's a Wild Ride takes a high-interest topic, roller coaster design, and models effective use of technology in curriculum, teacher teaming, and extended project work. It is a great example of project-based teaching using technology, and can be used as a model to help teachers design their own projects. You can see the project in action in a short, lively video and further explore resources on the companion Web site.

2. Describe its value: Why should your audience be interested?
It's a Wild Ride is not a recipe or a list of "project ideas." It is a rich, highly contextual example of good teaching that shows effective strategies at work in real classrooms. One project is explored in-depth, mining teacher planning, strategies, and even capturing the teachers' reflections. Everything used before, during, and after the project can be found on the Web site, from the materials used on the first day, to the student samples from the last day.

3. Explain how teachers use it: What do teachers find useful?
Teachers become engaged through watching the video, and then want to learn more about different aspects of the project by reading more online. Since there are over 200 pages of materials, most of their questions can be answered there. Teachers review the site and search for what they need most.

Wrap Up

  • Explain how to access the resource: the video is available in the´┐Ż (library, etc.)
  • Show the Self-Directed Learning Page
  • Announce any upcoming in-depth opportunities to learn more from It's A Wild Ride
  • Additional free copies of the video are available: order video

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