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Intel´┐Ż Teach to the Future Trains 300,000 Teachers

At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) June 17, 2002 in San Antonio, TX , Intel Corporation announced that one million teachers around the world will be trained through the Intel® Teach to the Future program by the end of 2003. This program has already trained half a million teachers, with support from Microsoft, and was created to address the barriers teachers face in effectively applying computer technology to improve student learning.

The Intel Teach to the Future program has opened many doors and helped me to not only improve my computer skills, but to revive my classroom curriculum, said Cheryl Pond, elementary school teacher in Del Rio Texas. As a Master Teacher for my campus, I have been able to help other teachers to effectively integrate technology into their classroom projects.

The Intel Teach to the Future program is a worldwide education initiative that enables teachers to train other teachers on how to integrate technology into their day-to-day lesson plans and incorporate the use of the Internet, Web page design and productivity software to encourage higher-order thinking and creativity in their students.

Intels goal is to provide educational programs, ideas and support that encourage innovation and learning, especially in the areas of science, math and technology education, said Wendy Hawkins, Director of Education for Intel. Our education initiatives help youth to develop skills needed to succeed in tomorrows workplace.

About the Intel Teach to the Future Program

Teachers learn from other teachers how, when, and where to incorporate technology tools and resources into their lesson plans to enhance student learning. In addition, teachers are instructed on how best to create assessment tools and align lessons with district, state, and national standards. The program also incorporates use of the Internet, Web page design, and productivity software.

In the United States, the Intel Teach to the Future program is offered to K-12 in-service and pre-service educators using a curriculum designed for each audience.

"We are excited about the momentum of the program and the participation worldwide. Training 500,000 teachers around the world is a huge milestone for our team."

Wendy Hawkins
Director of Education
Intel® Innovation in Education

Over 90 percent of the U.S. program participants surveyed said that the ideas and skills learned from the Intel Teach to the Future program helped them successfully integrate technology into their students' activities.

The Intel Teach to the Future program is supported by Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Premio Computer, SMART Technologies, and the Texas Infrastructure Fund. Additional program support is provided by Amax, BOLData, Caliber, Dell, Gateway, Omnitech, the SMARTerKids Foundation, and Tangent.

In Their Own Words: Teachers Around the World

Several teachers who have already received training through Intel Teach to the Future have shared their impressions and experiences of the program:

"Information is the impetus and engine behind education modernization, rather than the content and tool. Intel Teach to the Future emphasizes the modern education concept of 'being student-oriented.' This is in line with the quality education we are promoting, which focuses on developing students' creativity and implementation capabilities."
Mr. Zhang Minsheng, Deputy Director, Shanghai Education Commission, China

"'The best photograph in the world is no good if it is still in somebody's camera' That quote gives you a feeling for this program. Intel Teach to the Future is an excellent way to help students develop a great interest in chemistry. I'm sure the integration of technology in my teaching will not only improve the learning skills of my students, but also they will be able to prepare a fascinating kaleidoscope of the subject. Thanks for such an eminent program."
Kajal Makhija (Chemistry Teacher), Emerald Heights International School, Indore, India

"This course was an eye-opener to me, especially in incorporating IT [Information Technology] in my teaching and learning activity. I realized how wonderful, informative, and exciting my teaching would be, compared to my previous teaching approaches. I also would be able to expose my students to how IT could enhance their own learning."
Rodiah Dali, SM Teknik Matang, Sarawak, Malaysia

"The reason that the program was so exciting for me was I could see more opportunities, more ways of reinventing curriculum, reinventing units and instruction that I'd been delivering to kids. And the more exciting that could be, the better it was for my kids, of course. But it was also more empowering for me, too."
Jeanne Butcher, Middle School Teacher, Oregon, United States

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