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Technology in the Classroom
Case Studies
Discover how schools have implemented technology to improve their teaching and learning environments.

Implementing Solutions

ABC Unified School District
A K-12 district in Los Angeles County gains compelling benefits from state-of-the-art technology for students at both ends of the academic spectrum. High school students utilize high-end software programs while elementary students receive online mentorship through videoconferencing with the high school.
Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144
An Illinois school district serving a lower income community helps its students prepare for competition in a worldwide economy by equipping its schools with high-speed Internet access and high-performance computers, and incorporating technology into its curriculum.
Region 10 Education Service Center
Many school districts in Texas are taking advantage of a new high tech training lab. With access to high-performance PCs and network switching technology, teachers receive more staff development and students learn skills that prepare them for the future.
Tigard-Tualatin School District Technology Program Focuses on Curricular Goals
An Oregon school district incorporates technology into its curriculum. It overcomes many obstacles along the way while keeping a tight focus on using technology for curricular goals.
Western Heights School District
This Oklahoma City School District brought a culturally diverse student body into the Information Age, and discovered that transforming its technology infrastructure has a big impact on teaching and learning.
Mobile Computing Case Studies
Going Mobile: Berwick Secondary College, Melbourn, Australia
Berwick Secondary College, near Melbourne, Australia, has given all its teachers notebook computers and has implemented a wireless network. The impact on teaching and learning is worth noting, and the regional government plans to supply all 38,000 teachers with mobile PCs by mid-2001 mid 2001.

Going Mobile, Berwick Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia
PDF Document (128K PDF)
Going Mobile, Detroit County Day School, Beverly Hills, Michigan
All the students at Detroit Country Day School in Beverly Hills, Michigan, have been using mobile PCs since the start of the 1999-2000 school year. The results are impressive.

Going Mobile, Detroit County Day School, Beverly Hills, Michigan
PDF Document (94K PDF)
Going Mobile, Homestead High School, Cupertino, California
Homestead High School, in Cupertino, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, is not only placing mobile PCs in the hands of all its students, but also is developing a wireless network.

Going Mobile, Homestead High School, Cupertino, California
PDF Document (104K PDF)
Going Mobile, Vivian Field Middle School, Carrollton/Farmers Branch, Texas
Vivian Field Middle School, near Dallas, Texas, is a school where students ordinarily wouldn't have access to computer technology. They are making impressive progress in bridging the "digital divide" with programs designed to put mobile computers in the hands of younger students.

Going Mobile, Vivian Field Middle School, Carrollton/Farmers Branch, Texas
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Mobile PCs and Learning
A detailed discussion of how education is changing as mobile PCs and the Internet play increasingly larger roles in the classroom. Discusses the concept of active-learning frameworks, the Internet as a significant research tool, and "anytime, anywhere" learning, especially as it relates to the improvement of writing skills. Includes statements from administrators, teachers, and students.

Mobile PCs, Powerful Tools for Education
PDF Document (1.5MB PDF)
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