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Using the Internet
Make the most of what the Web has to offer. Find resources to help you successfully navigate this powerful and sometimes overwhelming tool, including how to evaluate Web sites for credibility, a guide to using search engines, and information on privacy and copyright laws.

Managing Computer Use
Your students need all the help they can get when first starting out on the computer. It's up to you to give them the best chance possible to experience technology while managing their time constructively.

How to Set Up Computers in Your Classroom
Even if you have just a single computer for your students to learn from, they can all benefit from exposure to its powerful capabilities. Here are some great ways to introduce computers into your classroom.

Student Leadership
Help students put their energy toward mastering technology topics and support school technology practices by assisting students and faculty with their technical challenges.

"One thing that is new is the prevalence of newness, the changing scale and scope of change itself, so that the world alters as we walk in it."
J. Robert Oppenheimer,

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