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The volume and diversity of information on the Web can be overwhelming, so we're offering you some great places to start making the most of what's out there. Explore topics that range from search engine strategies to convenient electronic reference sources.
  • Ten Way to Take Charge of the Web
    This article highlights some potential pitfalls of using the Internet as an educational tool (with the help of a fictitious grade-school teacher). It also presents tips and suggestions that can help you avoid similar situations.

  • Using Search Engines and Directories
    Don't get lost in the millions of pages on the Web. Get tips on the powerful search engines and directories that can help you find just what you're looking forfast.

  • Using Favorites and Bookmarks
    Find step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily get back to the useful sites you encounter on the Web.

  • Using E-mail
    Whether you're an expert or a novice with e-mail, everyone could learn something about maximizing its communication capabilities.

  • Help with Viruses
    Get information resources and products that can help protect your valuable computer systems.

  • Protecting Safety and Privacy
    There are plenty of issues to consider when you are responsible for your students' online experiences. Here's how to best take precautions against inappropriate sites and protect your students' privacy on the Web.

  • Copyright Laws
    It's important to be familiar with legal issues specific to the Web. Find out what you and your students can and can't do with copyright materials found on the Web for educational purposes.

  • Evaluating Internet Resources
    Here's information that will help you and your students think critically when determining reliable resources on the Web.

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