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Unit and Project Plans Unit and Project Plans
exemplary planning Get ideas to engage students from unit and project plans developed by teachers in the Intel´┐Ż Teach to the Future program.

Search the Plans
The unit plan collection contains multidisciplinary units that emphasize mathematics and science. Search the complete collection of unit plans to find the grade levels and topics of interest.

Unit Plan Design
Effective unit plans start with sound instructional design. View a template describing the underlying instructional intent for the essential components of a unit plan.

Scoring Guide
Use this scoring guide to evaluate and improve classroom unit plans.

Download and Unzip a Project Portfolio
A wide variety of plans can be found in this extensive database. Search, select, and download a zipped plan for use in your classroom, or to get you started on your own plan.

other unit plans resources
View other unit plan resources on the Web that offer quality resources for instructional planning.

High Five Unit Plans

Featured unit plans from the collection

Seasoning the School Year
Grade K, Language Arts, Math, and Science
How can we tell the seasons are changing?

Pond Water and Pollywogs
Grades 1, Biology
How do animals grow?

Plugging In to the Sun
Grades 5-8, Astronomy, Energy
How does the sun heat the earth through millions of miles of cold space?

The Rock Cycle: From Soft Rock to Heavy Metal
Grades 5-8, Geology
What is the rock cycle?

Biomes: Action for a Healthy Planet
Grades 9-10, Biology
What is the impact of humans on the biomes of the world?


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