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Intel� Celeron� Processor Intel� Celeron� Processor
Processor Highlights
Available at speeds from 850 MHz to 1.80 GHz
Up to 400 MHz multi-transaction processor system bus
Dynamic Execution technology
Includes Intel® MMX" media enhancement technology
Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions
Non-blocking Level 1 cache
Integrated Level 1 and Level 2 cache
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Exceptional Value and Dependability
Tech Specs
Features and Benefits
Processor Comparison Chart
processor performance

Proven Technology and Reliability
The Intel® Celeron® processor balances value with proven desktop performance that lets you affordably browse the Internet, send email, use educational programs, play interactive 3D games and run homeoffice and productivity applications. All of Intel's Celeron processors with speeds ranging from 850 MHz to 1.80 GHz include an integrated L2 cache and are built on Intel's advanced CMOS process technology.

Intel� Celeron� Processor
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