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Optimized Software for the Pentium®4 processor Optimized Software for the Pentium®4 processor
Click on the tabs below to view software categories and titles that have been optimized for Pentium 4 processor-based PCs. For additional information, visit the publisher links.

Star Trek: Armada II
On a Pentium® 4 processor-based PC, gamers will enjoy improved game play with higher frame rates at higher resolutions, speedier audio file decompression, and 3D processing power that renders the maximum number of ships on a mission.

Star Trek: Armada II
Tools and Productivity
Nascar* Racing 2002 Season

Get behind the wheel of a 750 horsepower NASCAR* stock car and battle Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. on all 23 real life tracks in Arcade Mode.

Sierra* Optimized Features coming soon
Star Trek: Armada II

A real-time strategy game taking place in the Star Trek universe. Play as one of several races managing resources, battling enemies and exploring space.

Activision* Higher frame rates at higher resolutions, superior audio decompression capabilities, improved voice-over-network technology, enhanced 3D object processing power.

eRacer is a high-octane, single or multi-player racing game that offers a selection of highly tuned vehicles and challenging tracks.

Rage Software* Maximum levels of graphic detail are enabled, creating an immersive, highly realistic gaming environment.
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force

A first person shooter game based on the Star Trek: Voyager TV series.

Activision* Optimizes geometry pipeline for increased frame rate and allows for higher quality effects.
Incoming Forces

Head up an alien defense force in this action/strategy game.�Sequel to the multimillion-selling, award-winning and critically acclaimed Incoming.

Rage Software* Evenly shares the heavy geometry load with the graphics hardware.
Muppet World

Kids can play, create and win rewards in ths Muppet-themed online amusement park.

Pulse 3D* Optimized Pulse Player allows for the fast frame rates, high-quality streaming, and smooth animation in detailed 3D Webisodes.

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