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Microsoft® Windows® XP - Advanced Digital MediaMicrosoft® Windows® XP - Advanced Digital Media
Powerful hardware and software architectures deliver ultra-responsive user experience even with heavy multitasking
Specific Windows XP optimizations boost 3D rendering, security and networking performance
Reliability and dependability enhancements create a stable PC platform
Performance and quality on new Windows XP-enabled rich-media capabilities
Increased performance delivers smooth DVD playback and quick CD burning

The power you need, the freedom you want
Features and benefits
Pentium®4 Processor specific code

The new platform for home and small office computing based on Intel® NetBurst" micro-architecture, the Pentium® 4 processor was expressly designed to power the media-rich applications that Microsoft® Windows® XP allows. At the same time, Windows XP was specifically coded to provide built-in software support for the Pentium 4 processor. Together, Windows XP and the Pentium 4 processor deliver some of the most advanced technologies ever implemented in a mainstream PC platform.

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
Pentium®4 Processor
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