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Freedom of Extended Battery Life
Explore the Benefits of Mobility
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True Mobility
Available in low and ultra low voltage and varying form factors, the Pentium III Processor M can be tailored to your specific needs. Find out more.

Intel Pentium 4 - M ProcessorThe promise of mobility is that one day, no wires whether for connectivity or electricity will be needed. The Mobile Intel� Pentium® 4 Processor M and Mobile Intel� Pentium� III Processor M incorporate energy-saving features that can efficiently manage power usage and significantly extend battery life for anytime, anywhere computing.

Switching to Extend Battery Life
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology dynamically scales frequency and voltage according to how much processing power is necessary. For instance, the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor M on the average uses 2 watts of power by dropping to less than a volt between keystrokes then ramping up to 1.3 volts when peak performance is necessary. This real-time dynamic switching, which involves bus ratios, core operating voltage and core processor speeds significantly extends battery life.

Benefits of Varying Power Levels