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Versatility of Size Mobile Processors for a Variety of Notebooks
Explore the Benefits of Mobility
Battery life
Form Factors

Where to buy
Find a Mobile Intel� Pentium� Processor � M based PC vendor.
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True Mobility
Available in low and ultra low voltage and varying form factors, the Pentium III Processor � M can be tailored to your specific needs. Find out more.
Productivity and wireless connection
Find out why more people and businesses are going wireless.

Micro FCPGA PackagingWhen it comes to mobile processing, there's a balance between performance and voltage. The Mobile Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor � M provides outstanding performance for use in full-size and thin-and-light systems. Where as the low voltage and small packaging of the Mobile Intel� Pentium� III Processor � M makes it ideal for mini notebooks and tablets, which typically are used for less compute-intensive applications.

Thinner, Lighter Packaging
Micro FCBGA PackagingMany of today's ultra light, super thin mini- and sub-notebooks are powered by the Intel Pentium III Processor � M. Available in two packaging configurations - Micro FCPGA (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array) and Micro FCBGA (Flip Chip Ball Grid Array) - this versatile processor fits in even the smallest sub-notebooks and tablet PCs.

The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor � M uses the Micro FCPGA packaging technology to consume minimal space, yet provides high performance in a full or thin-and-light notebook.

Both processors make it possible for mobile devices to be smaller, easier to use and more capable of handling compute-intensive applications.

Do More, Carry Less
Because the Pentium Processor � M family uses less power in both the performance and battery optimized modes, they're cooler and can be used in smaller mobile PCs and devices.

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