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The Mobile Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor � M is Intel's fastest mobile processor. Its performance, however, is only partially related to its processor core speed of up to 2 GHz. What makes the difference is advancements in data throughput, memory and instruction sets.

Compare Processor Performance
Compare Processor Performance See how the 2 GHz Pentium 4 Processor � M stacks up with other mobile Intel processors.

Viewing Multimedia
The Intel Pentium 4 Processor � M with Intel� NetBurst� micro-architecture accelerates the performance of demanding video, 3D imaging, audio, and multimedia applications. At the crux of this performance boost is Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2), which reduces the number of instructions required to execute a particular program.

In addition, the 400 MHz system bus of the Pentium 4 Processor � M provides significantly more bandwidth to speed data and instructions between the processor and the main memory, input-output, graphic and bus devices.

Creating Content
The Pentium Processor � M family enhances system responsiveness with innovations like Prefetch Logic, which predicts and preloads necessary data into fast, on-die Level 2 Advance Transfer Cache.

In addition, the Pentium 4 Processor � M features an advanced L1 cache � Execution Trace Cache � which minimizes latency by 'decoding' instructions ahead of time. A Rapid Execution Engine accelerates data processor and throughput for compute-intensive activities like digital content creation.

Whether you choose the high performance Pentium 4 Processor � M or Mobile Intel� Pentium� III Processor � M designed for truly mobile devices, you receive the processor power to efficiently retrieve data, accelerate image processing, surf the Internet, multitask, download music, and share files, at anytime, from anywhere.

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