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Intel(R) Mobile processorsMobile Processor Comparison Chart

Mobile Pentium® 4 Processor - M

Mobile Pentium® III Processor - M

Mobile Celeron(R) Processor

Compare Intel®
mobile processor

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Ideal for:
Applications and operating systems requiring the maximum processor performance for video, multimedia and data-intensive operations

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Ideal for:
Ultra portable applications where extended battery life and thinner, lighter systems are essential for email, Internet access and productivity

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Ideal for:
Basic computing, exceptional value, performance to run popular applications

Processor Core Speed

2 GHz, 1.90 GHz, 1.80 GHz, 1.70 GHz, 1.60 GHz, 1.50 GHz, and 1.40GHz

1.20 GHz, 1.13 GHz, 1.06 GHz, 1 GHz, 933 MHz, 866 MHz
Low Volt: 933 MHz, 866 MHz, 850 MHz, 800 MHz, 800 MHz, 750 MHz, 733 MHz
Ultra Low Volt: 800 MHz, 750 MHz, 733 MHz, 700 MHz

1.50 GHz, 1.40 GHz, 1.33 GHz, 1.20 GHz, 1.13 GHz, 1.06 GHz, 1 GHz
Low Volt (0.13 Micron): 733 MHz, 667 MHz, 650 MHz
Ultra Low Volt: 650 MHz

System Bus

400 MHz

133 MHz or 100 MHz

400 MHz, 133 MHz or 100 MHz

Level 1 Cache

8K data cache, Execution Trace instruction cache with 12K decoded micro-ops

16K instruction, 16K write-back data

16K instruction, 16K write-back data

Level 2 Cache

512 KB on-die full-speed cache

512KB on-die full-speed cache

256KB or 128KB on die advanced transfer cache






NetBurst" micro-architecture

P6 micro-architecture

P6 micro-architecture


Intel® 845MP

Intel® 830MP, 830M, 830MG, 440MX

Intel® 830MP, 830M, 830MG, 815EM, 440MX, 440ZX-66M AGPset


1.3V performance optimized; 1.2V battery optimized; 1.0V deeper sleep

1.4V to 1.1V max. performance; 0.95V to 1.15V battery optimized

1.15V or 1.7V

Micron process technology

0.13-micron technology

0.13-micron technology

0.13, 0.18-micron technology

Data Prefetch Logic




Power Management

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology, Stop Grant, Sleep, Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, Deeper Sleep, QuickStart

QuickStart and Deep Sleep

Packaging technology


Micro-FCPGA, Micro-FCBGA

Micro-PGA, Micro-BGA

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