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Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - M Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - M Tech Details

Tech Specs

Processor core speeds

1.70 GHz and 1.60 GHz
Compatibility Fully compatible with previous Intel® microprocessors, binary compatible with all applications, support for MMX� technology, support for streaming SIMD extensions 2 (SSE2)
Micro-architecture Intel® NetBurst� Micro-Architecture
System Bus 400 MHz
Cache 512KB Full-Speed, On-Die Level 2 Cache
Chipset Compatible with Intel® 845MP
Packaging Micro-FCPGA
Features and Benefits
Processor Core Speeds Up to 1.70 GHz

The fastest mobile processor available from Intel delivers superior performance for compute-intensive applications.
Performance 400-MHz System Bus Increased bandwidth delivers higher responsiveness while improving throughput and performance
Hyper-Pipelined Technology A deeper pipeline enables instructions to be queued and executed at the fastest possible rate
Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 Accelerates the most demanding aspects of Internet computing, including video, multimedia, 3D imaging and encryption applications
to top of page Execution Trace Cache Provides optimum efficiency and hit rate to cached instructions
Rapid Execution Engine Lower latency execution offers increased performance for specific integer operations
Advanced Dynamic Execution An enhanced algorithm for branch prediction accelerates the flow of work to the processor
Enhanced Floating-Point/Multimedia Unit Improves performance on floating point and multimedia applications
Flexible External AGP4X Ensures reliable power state transitions without compromising performance for leading-edge graphics solutions
Battery Life Deeper Sleep Delivers extended battery life and lowers power consumption
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep� Technology Automatically optimizes application performance and power usage
Wireless Wireless LAN (802.11) and Bluetooth Provides robust connectivity at high performance and low power
Intel Hub Architecture Provides faster wireless input-output
Form Factors Micro FCBGA Mobile packaging technology that takes up less space and remains cooler. Available in full-size or thin-and-light.
Performance Highlights
The Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor M delivers:
Less waiting, higher responsiveness
Faster rendering and display of video, imaging and multimedia applications
Maximum power management and extended battery life using Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
Improved power to support wireless connectivity
Faster speeds at lower voltage

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