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Intel� Pentium� III process Intel� Mobile PentiumIII� Processor - M - Tech Details

Tech Specs

Processor core speeds

1.20 GHZ, 1.13 GHz, 1.06 GHz, 1 GHz, 933 MHz, 866 MHz
Low Volt: 933MHz (133 MHz FSB), 866 MHz, 850 MHz, 800 MHz (100 FSB), 750 MHz (100 FSB), 733 MHz
Ultra Low Volt: 800 MHz (100 FSB and 133 FSB), 750 MHz, 733 MHz, 700 MHz (100 FSB)
Compatibility Fully compatible with previous Intel� microprocessors, binary compatible with all applications, support for MMX� technology, support for streaming SIMD extensions
Micro-architecture Intel� P6 micro-architecture
System Bus 133 MHz
Cache 512KB Full-Speed On-Die Level 2 Cache
Chipset Compatible with the Intel� 830MP, 830M, 830MG
Packaging Micro-FCPGA, Micro-FCBGA

Features and Benefits

Processor Core Speeds Up to 1.2 GHz

Portable performance for a wide range of emerging Internet, multimedia and communications applications
Data Prefetch Logic Anticipates data needed by an application and pre-loads it into the Advanced Transfer Cache, further increasing processor and application performance.
Dynamic Execution Technology Provides enhanced performance for all 32-bit applications by optimizing instruction sequences
Advanced Transfer Cache with 512K full-speed, on-die L2 Cache Double the L2 cache size on the mobile Pentium� III processor. PC can access and store data faster, increasing speed and efficiency of application execution
Differential Clocking Easier scaling to lower voltages, reduced EMI, and less jitter
Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions Enables one command to execute an entire set of operations for more realistic 3D, video and audio
to top of page 0.13 Micron Technology Enables greater speeds and lower power consumption for long-lasting performance in thinner, lighter notebooks
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep� technology Processor automatically switches between two core frequencies based on CPU demand, optimizing battery life and application performance
QuickStart Extends battery life by reducing power during pauses in user activity, such as between keystrokes
Deeper Sleep Deeper Sleep alert state is a dynamic power management mode which is enabled during less than a milllisecond of inactivity by the user, such as between keystrokes, delivering longer battery life
Low Volt and Ultra Low Volt Enhanced performance and extended battery life for super-thin and light mini-notebooks
133 MHz System Bus Faster access to system resources such as memory, I/O devices, and graphics
Micro FCPGA2 and FCBGA2 Packaging Special miniature packages enable thinnest, lightest notebooks
Thermal Diode Monitors the die temperature for thermal management purposes
Performance Highlights
The Mobile Intel� Pentium� III Processor � M delivers performance for:
Longer battery life with advanced technology.
Longer wireless Internet connectivity with longer battery life.
Advanced power management technology.
0.13 micron technology for thinner and lighter mobile PC's without sacrificing performance.
See the Mobile Pentium III Processor � M performance brief.

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