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Behind the Scenes - Intel News, Technology Developments and Q and A Behind the Scenes - Intel News, Technology Developments and Q and A

Latest News
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Where Industry Pioneers Gather
This year's Intel Developer Forum (IDF) will not only attract industry experts from around the world, but feature emerging high performance desktops in small packages, over 180 exhibits, educational sessions, and amazing PC mods. Get the scoop on IDF.

Seeking an Innovative PC
Find out how Intel encourages and recognizes the development of innovative desktop and mobile PCs.

Get Broadband Now
Get Broadband Now
There's never been a better time to experience the speed, convenience and affordability of broadband. Check out broadband promotions in your area.

Go Wireless at Home
Access the information you need when and where you need it with Intel wireless networking products.

How Fast is Your Connection?
Take this quick test to determine the speed of your Internet connection. Then use this calculator to determine how long it would take for you to download files.

Broadband Performance
How fast is broadband? Compare the download speed of a dial-up versus a broadband connection.

What Goes into Game Development?
PC games are some of the most complex applications available. Find out how games are developed then optimized to run on the Pentium 4 processor.

Future of Technology
Click here to check out all the Future of Technology features.

Enabling Speech Over the Web
Learn how Intel and other industry leaders are making it possible to navigate through the Internet and access Web services using your voice.

Revolutionizing Chip-making
Learn what technology Intel is investing in to create processors five years into the future.

Developing High-Capacity Networks
The communication networks of the future will use light or photonics to transmit data. Learn how Intel is playing a role in developing silicon photonics.

Ask Intel
Find technical and general FAQs for Intel processors and motherboards. Or, suggest a question of your own for posting on the FAQs list.
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