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Behind the Scenes - Intel News, Technology Developments and Q and A Behind the Scenes - Intel News, Technology Developments and Q and A

Latest News
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Announcing 2.53 GHz of Performance
Intel� Pentium� 4 processorsWhether you�re a gamer, video enthusiast or simply desire a fast chip for computer-intensive applications, the newly introduced 2.53 GHz Pentium 4 Processor has the power and features you need. Find out more.

Discover the Intel Platform Advantage
Discover how the 850E chipset maximizes the computing power of the Pentium® 4 Processor and provides the capabilities for tomorrow's content-rich applications.

Immerse Yourself in Gaming
Find out what's new in real-time 3D strategy games that provide ultra-realistic environments and multiple options.

Applications That Go Mobile
Forget about staying at home. Today's mobile applications let you do everything from record, play and organize digital music to capture and analyze your athletic performance.

Explore the Benefits of Mobility
Find out how Intel mobile processors deliver an outstanding mobile experience with exceptional performance, thinner, lighter packaging, extended battery life, and secure wireless connectivity.

Future of Technology
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processing more efficiently
Learn how Intel Hyper-Threading Technology is improving system performance by making a single processor appear as two.

supplying internal bandwidth
Learn about a third generation I/O architecture that Intel is helping develop, which will provide internal bandwidth for today's and tomorrow's applications.

Intelligent Roaming
Learn how Intel technology is making it possible to stay connected as you move from place to place.

Ask Intel

Find technical and general FAQs for Intel processors and motherboards. Or, suggest a question of your own for posting on the FAQs list.

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