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Future of Technology - New technology developments from Intel

Intel(R) Lab News
Stay current on the latest technology advancements and research announcements coming out of Intel® Labs.
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Intel Techonology Journal
Check out our quarterly online publication, featuring in-depth technology analysis.
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Becoming Truly Mobile
Intel is developing intelligent roaming technologies that will manage users' internet connections enabling them to be continuously connected and constantly reachable across secure and authenticated networks. The foundation for this technology is based on the standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force.
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Making Computers Safer
As PCs become more like personal servers - exchanging data across the Internet, peer-to-peer networks and devices such as PDAs and cell phones - the opportunity for security breaches and virus attacks escalates. Intel, along with members of the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), are defining and developing standards and technologies that will improve computer security.
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Computers that see
Stereoscopic-enabling source code from Intel's Open Source Computer Vision Library (Open CV), will allow researchers and companies to add stereo imaging capabilities to PC applications.
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