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Investing in Next-Generation Chip-making tools
Circuits need to be smaller than 0.1 micron in width or 1/1,000th the width of a human hair to keep pace with Moore's Law in the future. Learn how Intel is meeting the challenge of creating increasingly smaller circuits.

Adding Networking Capablitilies to Silicon
The advent of fiber optics - bundles of glass or plastic threads - for transmitting data using multiple wavelengths of light fulfilled the demand for higher bandwidth. Next-generation network devices will not only be high speed and high capacity, but microscopically small and embedded on silicon.
Learn how Intel is developing new technology for this new market.

Processing More Efficiently
Recognizing that processor resources are often underutilized, Intel research and development developed Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which improves system performance by making a single processor appear as two. Learn more about this emerging technology.


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