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Intelligent Roaming Continuous, Uninterrupted Network Access
How Intelligent Roaming Works
By roaming between wired LAN and WLAN (802.11) networks, users can continue working while traveling between rooms, floors, buildings and work sites.
Public hot spots make it possible to work wirelessly
802.11b and upcoming 802.11a wireless LAN technologies use standards-based wireless interfaces to enable high-speed connections at public hot spots.
Public hot spots make it possible to work wirelessly
Intel Intelligent Roaming manages users' connections across LAN, WLAN, and 2.5/3G, networks so users are continuously connected.

Many of today's innovations are based on the need to make life more convenient. Intel� Labs is working to make wireless devices such as mobile PCs, cellular phones and PDAs even more convenient by enabling them to be continuously connected, authenticated, secure, and easy to use via Intel� Intelligent Roaming technology.

Network to Network

Intelligent Roaming dynamically manages users' network connections enabling them to seamlessly connect or roam from network to network depending on how and where they're using their mobile PCs.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), a primary standards organization for the Internet, has developed a protocol known as Mobile IP (Internet Protocol), which enables devices to seamlessly roam between networks as users move from place to place. Mobile IP not only keeps applications continuously connected, but maintains a consistent IP address so users are constantly reachable by applications such as instant messaging. Intel is developing end-to-end, standards-based technologies that will support Mobile IP and enable Intelligent Roaming.

Always Connected

Imagine you're in your apartment downloading video content from the Internet using a notebook PC that's wired to a cable modem. Realizing you're late for an appointment with a friend at a local cafe, you unplug your notebook and walk out the door. Using Intelligent Roaming, you automatically remain connected through a wireless LAN (WLAN) available in your apartment building.

You continue downloading content as you cross the street using a third generation (3G) mobile communications technology known as Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE). Once at the cafe considered a public hot spot Intelligent Roaming maintains your connection using a wireless LAN. Not only are you on time for your appointment, but also you were able to finish downloading the video clips you wanted to show.

What You Can Expect

Currently, Intel� PRO/Wireless Adapter Switching software a first generation Intelligent Roaming software is shipped free of charge with the Intel� PRO/Wireless LAN family of products. This software provides a streamlined transition between wired and wireless LAN (802.11) by reestablishing network connections without having to reboot.

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