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Giving Computers the Eyes to See: Intel's Open Source Computer Vision Library
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3d Face Tracking - Gesture Recognition
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libraryEndowing computers with vision has been a dream of PC manufacturers and science-fiction writers since the dawn of the computer era. With the release of a suite of stereoscopic-enabling source code through Intel's Open Source Computer Vision Library (Open CV), that dream is moving closer to reality. The new stereoscopic code is an open standard upon which commercial applications may be built and will allow researchers and companies to add stereo imaging capabilities to PC applications. Over the next five to ten years computer vision is expected to play a significant role in simplifying the interaction between users and computers.
Computer vision application
By creating Open CV, Intel is expediting the efforts of researchers in industry and academia to advance the state of the art by using a stable, performance-optimized code base. This ultimately leads to development of computer vision applications such as face recognition, gesture recognition, camera calibration, motion tracking and object identification technologies by PC manufacturers, camera vendors, and software companies. In turn, those technologies will lead to the deployment of more sophisticated computer interface methods, better security systems, smarter robots, and space exploration methods, just to name a few of the many potential applications.
The library
Intel's Open Source Computer Vision Library (Open CV) is a software library of over 500 imaging and computer vision functions and applications. The library is available for Windows and Linux operating systems, and is free for commercial or academic use. Since its initial release, there have been 74,000 downloads of the library. In addition, there are over 2,000 registered members in the Open CV group. to subscribe to the OpenCV Library.
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