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Broadband Basics
The Intel� Pentium� 4 processor along with a broadband connection is a powerful combination that provides instant "always on" connectivity, lightening fast music downloads, smooth streaming video and faster online gaming. Here's how broadband is currently being delivered:

Phone Lines
Broadband that is delivered over ordinary phone lines is called Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Using your existing phone line, DSL can deliver high-speed Internet at the same time as voice calls or faxes. There's no need to install a separate phone line for the Internet. DSL uses only a portion of your phone line's bandwidth for connecting, so you are able to surf the Web and talk on the phone at the same time.

Cable Lines
Many of the same TV cable services that currently provide access to TV programs, channels and pay-for-view events can also provide broadband access. The same cable is used to connect both your TV and PC to the cable service. The two don't interfere with one another, so you can watch cable TV and surf the Web at the same time.

Broadband can also be delivered to your PC over the airwaves. Using a satellite dish or digital TV antenna and a special receiver, the bits of information that make up Web pages can be received by your PC from satellites orbiting overhead, or from broadcast towers up on the hillside. However, with satellites, you need to have an additional phone line connection.

Comparison of Residential Internet Connection Technologies

Technology Bandwidth Availablility Comments
Analog Modem
Up to 56 Kbps
Universal availability; although low speed
64 Kbps to 128 Kbps
90% of U.S. homes
Widely available; although low bandwidth
128 Kbps to 1.5 Mpbs +
Limited to top 25 Metropolitan Service Areas
Always-on connection, speed varies
Cable modems
5 Mbps (shared)
Limited to top 25 Metropolitan Service Areas
Shared always-on connection
400 Kbps (down)
Extremely limited
DSL or cable connection that can be complex to set-up
Get Broadband Without the Wires
Today's advanced wireless network solutions make it possible to get broadband connectivity without the wires. Find out how to set up a wireless broadband network in your home.

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