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Broadband Benefits
Pentium� 4 Processor� and Broadband
Get the performance and bandwidth you need to enjoy today's and tomorrow's media-rich software applications and Internet innovations by combining the power of the Pentium� 4 processor with the speed of broadband.

The Perfect Combination
The powerful combination of a Pentium 4 processor-based PC with a broadband connection lets you:

Enjoy Digital Music Like Never Before
Set up a personalized jukebox, burn CDs at blazing speeds and convert songs into MP3 format 6 times quicker than the fastest PCs of three years ago. Share music with others over the Internet after mixing and storing your own favorites.

Easily Create and Share Digital Memories
Download or stream rich, digital media files on your PC faster than with a conventional dial-up connection. Or rapidly encode digital video enabling you to create and edit your own high-quality home movies. With broadband, you can experience almost 5 times better performance when editing MPEG-4 video. Plus, upload to a Web site then share with friends real-time full digital video and sound files without having to compress them.

Take Online Gaming to the Extreme
Broadband provides a connection speed that enables you to compete with players from around the world by producing almost 7 times higher frame rates then a dial-up connection. In addition, it enhances your 3D gaming experience by reducing lag time or delayed responses, letting you play the latest 3D multiplayer games online with no loss in speed or resolution.

Communicate and Learn in New Ways
Run two multimedia applications at once. Enhance chat sessions by adding video or audio streams. Retouch digital pictures that you can email to friends or family, post to a Web site or send to a digital photography service (like Ofoto*) for high-quality prints.

Broadband also makes it possible to simultaneously receive and send image and voice streams at once enabling true video conferencing.

Learn more about the basics of broadband and how it's becoming readily available to consumers.

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