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Broadband Connectivity
Get Broadband Now
Broadband brings a new world of rich information into your home. When coupled with an Intel� Pentium� 4 processor-based PC, you get the performance to take your gaming, video, and music experiences to new heights. If you don't have broadband already, click to explore the availability of broadband services in your area.

Broadband at a Glance
Delivering millions of bits of data to your computer every second, a broadband connection reduces the time spent waiting for pages and content-rich media to download, enabling you to spend more time experiencing the Internet, listening to music, playing games, or sharing images.

Because a broadband connection is "always on," you can instantly access the Internet and speedily receive/send e-mail. In addition, a broadband connection lets you surf the Internet at the same time you or another member of your family is using the telephone. Find out how broadband is currently being delivered.

Broadband on the Go
mobile computerA notebook computer with a Mobile Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor M and a wireless broadband connection gives you the performance and flexibility to create and share today's richest Internet media and content, without cumbersome cables.

Advancements in wireless technologies such as 802.11a LAN solutions, makes it easier and more affordable to set up a wireless network in your home or home office. Learn how you can easily connect and stay in touch without wires.

Broadband for the Ultimate in Gaming
Don't just play. Play to win. The performance of a Pentium 4 processor-based PC along with a broadband connection gives you the performance to battle online at top speed. Find out how a Pentium 4 processor-based PC powers PC games.

Learn more about real-time strategy games like Warrior Kings* and multiplayer fantasy role-playing games like EverQuest* which have been optimized to run on Pentium 4 processor-based systems.

See the Difference Broadband Makes
Test the speed of your connection
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Broadband Details
Learn the basics of broadband
Explore the benefits of broadband
Get broadband without the wires

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