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How the Intel(R) 845G Chipset Enhances Graphics

Innovative Design
The Intel� 845G chipset is Intel's first integrated graphics chipset optimized for the Intel� Pentium� 4 processor. Built on the Intel� Extreme Graphics core, it provides superb graphics for the latest games and digital entertainment without the complexity and cost of an add-in graphics card. Incorporating many innovative technologies, Intel Extreme Graphics produces exceptional graphics with sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion and incredible detail.

Intel(R) Extreme Graphics dragonfly Discover the benefits the 845G chipset brings to 3D gaming.
Optimal 2D and 3D Performance
The Intel Extreme Graphics core of the Intel 845G chipset balances memory usage between graphics and the system, optimizing performance and the visual quality of both 2D and 3D graphics. Scaling from 2D � height and width � to 3D � height, width and depth � is extremely compute-intensive, requiring constant mathematical calculations to anticipate and render images as you scroll through a virtual environment.

Enhanced Rendering
The Intel Extreme Graphics engine employs Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering (RPTR) and Zone Rendering technologies to enable sharper images, faster rendering and smoother refreshes. RPTR utilizes special pipelines that allow 2D and 3D operations to overlap, thereby speeding up visual effects without impacting system performance. Zone Rendering reduces the system memory bandwidth required to draw 3D scenes by sorting what needs to be drawn into zones. The graphics engine then processes each zone completely, writing the pixel data to memory. Once a zone has been processed, the graphics engine moves onto the next zone. In this manner, Zone Rendering eliminates the need for local graphics memory.

Efficient Memory Allocation
Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) dynamically allocates and de-allocates memory as needed for graphics and system performance. No memory is wasted. Once memory is used to perform a task � for instance, generating graphics � it's returned to the operating system. DVMT works in conjunction with the Intel� graphics driver and your operating system to ensure your system has the highest amount of memory available at all times.

Provides Flexibility
The Intel 845G chipset includes the Intel� Dynamic Video Output Interface, which maximizes your display options by letting you connect to either a digital CRT or TV. In addition, if you want more advanced 3D performance, you can upgrade to a high-end graphics card using an AGP4X interface.

Stable Graphics Driver
The 845G chipset incorporates Intel� Stable Image Technology, which helps ensure compatibility across multiple desktop and mobile PCs.

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