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PC Components Guide - Build a Pentium4 Processor-Based System

Discover the Intel Platform Advantage
Discover how the Intel® 850E chipset maximizes the performance of the Pentium´┐Ż 4 processor.

Motherboard selector guide
Find the right Intel® architecture-based motherboard for your PC.

Optimize your PC
Tweak your BIOS, check driver installation and speed applications.
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The guides below provide information on how to select compatible components when building an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based system.

Processor Guide
Identifying a boxed processor, platform requirements.

Chipset Guide
Choose the Intel® 845G, Intel® 845E, 850 or 850E chipset for both 533 and 400 MHz system bus support and integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for the Pentium® 4 processor platform. The Intel 845G and 845GL chipsets feature integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics, which delivers stunning graphics quality for digital entertainment. For further flexibility, the 845G chipset gives you the option to add in an AGP4X graphics card. The Intel 850E provides RDRAM performance and a faster system bus.

Motherboard Guide
Selecting a motherboard, form factor.

Operating System Guide
Identify and install operating system drivers and software that support the Intel processors and chipsets.

BIOS Guide
Identifying the BIOS, Pentium 4 processor BIOS, updating.

Chassis Guide
Form factor, expandability, design, thermal management, power supply, heatsink.

Heatsink Guide
Heatsink fans, installation, thermal interface material.

Power Supply Guide
Selection criteria, tips and compatibility issues.

Other PC Components
For information on other PC components not mentioned here, check out the links under PC How To in the Resource Library.

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