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Selecting a Motherboard
When selecting a motherboard, considerations include processor and processor package support, system bus speed, chipset features such as memory and graphics support, disk drive interface (ATA/100), RAID support, USB ports (number of ports, speed and location), I/O bandwidth, audio and networking options, general board layout, and form factor (which relates to the number of PCI slots). Also, check whether your motherboard comes from a reliable manufacturer, with a good manual and support.

For stability, choose Pentium® 4 processor motherboards that are based on the Intel® 850 chipset or Intel® 845 chipset, which are designed and tested for reliable performance with Intel® NetBurst" micro-architecture. It is important to verify that the specific motherboard model and revision support the specific Pentium 4 processor speed being used. A BIOS upgrade may be required in order to properly recognize and setup to the latest stepping of the Pentium 4 processor. Motherboards must meet the electrical and mechanical specifications of the Pentium 4 processor as documented in the datasheet.

Use the --> to select the appropriate Intel® architecture-based motherboard based on your processor, system bus, chipset, form factor, and other feature requirements.

Form Factor
The Intel D850MV and D850GB Motherboards based on the Intel 850 Chipset follow the ATX form-factor specification and utilize power supplies that follow the ATX12V power supply design guide. The Intel D850MD, also based on the Intel 850 Chipset, follows the micro ATX form-factor specification. The Intel D845HV Motherboard based on the Intel 845 Chipset follows the micro ATX form-factor while the D845WN Motherboard, also based on the Intel 845 Chipset, follows the ATX form-factor specification. For guidelines on mounting support of motherboards that support the boxed Pentium 4 processor see the Chassis Guide.

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