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Identifying a Boxed Processor
There are two types of Pentium® 4 processor packages available for installation: the 423-pin package and the 478-pin package. Included in the boxed Pentium 4 processor is a high quality fan heatsink and thermal interface material for system integration. Boxed processor test specifications (or S-Specs) marked on the integrated heat spreader of the Pentium 4 processor identify the specific stepping and speed information for the processor. Using the boxed processor information table, verify the appropriate speed rating, stepping, and other important information about the processor.

Platform Requirements
Pentium 4 processor-based systems all require specific system boards, chassis, and power supplies. Use chassis, power supplies, and system boards that are specifically designed for the Pentium 4 processor.

Choosing boards based on Intel® chipsets ensures your processor-chipset combination has been validated with a wide range of memory, software, and other components, which minimizes conflicts and maximizes compatibility with peripherals and software.

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