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PC Builder's Guide
From motherboards to chipsets, here's the information you need to get started on constructing your own Pentium� 4 processor-based PC.
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Maximize Your PC Experience
Combine the power of the Pentium® 4 Processor with the speed of broadband technology. Learn more >

Optimize Your PC
Maximize the performance of your Pentium 4 processor-based PC with these recommendations and software downloads.
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Resource Library
A comprehensive list of links to information and resources on Intel processors and products as well as information resources outside of Intel.
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Behind the Scenes:
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Intel� Pentium� 4 processor PC Builder's tools
Pentium 4 processor FAQs
Motherboard FAQs
PC Components Guide
Create a wireless network
Set up an Intel� AnyPoint� Wireless II Network in your own home.
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