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Optimize Your PC - Maximum Performance for the Pentium� 4 Processor

Motherboard selector guide
Find the right Intel architecture-based motherboard for your system.

Component Guide
Understand the different considerations for building a Pentium 4 processor based PC. Includes information on the operating system, the processor, chassis, BIOS, heatsink and more.
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Intel Tech Wire
Get news about products, technology trends, and special offers from Intel.
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Get more from your Intel� Pentium� 4 processor-based system with the following recommended downloads and tips.

Application Accelerator
The Intel® Application Accelerator is a new performance software package that enhances system performance by providing faster overall system boot, and accelerated disk I/O for games, graphics applications, disk utilities, and media authoring applications.
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Adjust Bios
BIOS settings to streamline startup:

Enable Intel Rapid BIOS Boot
Change boot order
Disable unused ports

Correct Driver Installation
Proper installation is crucial for maximum platform performance:

Confirm installation of the Intel® chipset software utility
Reorder driver installation

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