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Optimized Software for the Pentium� 4 Processor Optimized Software for the Pentium� 4 Processor
Pentium 4 Processor Optimized Titles List
Pentium 4 Processor Details

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Optimal Outcome with Optimized Software
Get the best performance from your computer by using software that's been optimized to utilize the advanced data transfer, memory, communication, and multimedia features of the Pentium� 4 processor. Based on the Intel� NetBurst� micro-architecture, the Pentium 4 enhances the creation of graphics, accelerates games, enables the creation of audio and video files, and makes possible news ways of communicating.

Featured Titles
Warrior Kings* NASCAR* 2002 Racing Season Warcraft III*
Learn about the latest software optimized for the Pentium� 4 processor by clicking on a category above. Or visit Optimized Software for the Pentium 4 Processor to see a complete listing.

What Does this Mark Mean?
Maximize Your Experience with Pentium� 4 ProcessorTake your gaming, music, video and imaging experience to a new level. When you see this mark on select software titles, you will know the software runs great on an Intel� Pentium� 4 processor-based PC.
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