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Intel® Teach to the Future Program Expands into China

In the summer of 2000, Intel Teach to the Future was launched in a ceremony in Beijing, attended by China's vice minister of the Ministry of Education; Jim Jarrett, then president, Intel China; and a host of dignitaries and journalists.

The goal of the campaign in China is the same as it is throughout the world: to usher in a new educational era that puts powerful, high-tech tools in the classroom and gives teachers the know-how to use them effectively to facilitate learning.

"It is my wish that the Intel Teach to the Future program continues to expand and grow in China," says Wang. "It actively supports education in China at (all grade levels)."

"Computers aren't magic," adds Jarrett. "Teachers are. Technology in classrooms is only effective if teachers know how to use it effectively."

The international launch follows in the wake of successful programs launched in Arizona, northern California, Oregon and Texas. These, in turn, were patterned after the Intel Applying Computers in Education (Intel ACE) project piloted for the past two years at U.S. Intel sites.

Teachers who participated in the Intel ACE project were surveyed nine months later; 84 percent reported improvements in their instruction and 80 percent said student learning was enhanced as a result. Fully 95 percent said they learned "new skills that would directly benefit their students."

"Technology has transformed the workplace," says Intel's Wendy Hawkins, director of teacher development. "Intel wants to support teachers with the same opportunity to transform their classrooms and enliven their lesson plans through the power of technology."

Program administrators say expansion of the program into China is only a first step towards what Intel hopes will be teacher training programs throughout the world. The ultimate goal? Four hundred thousand teachers trained in technology utilization by 2002.

In China alone, some 240 master teachers have graduated from ACE since its launch. Worldwide, 5,000 teachers have completed the program and are practicing the skills they learned to foster excellence in education.

More information on the Intel® Teach to the Future initiative

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