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Costa Rica

Intel Costa Rica Public Affairs Grant Application Guidelines

Intel has made a commitment to be a good corporate citizen by investing in Costa Rica and the people who live here. We aim to address specific community needs with a priority on education (math, science and technology), the environment and safety. Intel is committed to continuing to develop and implement strategic contributions that build and sustain existing site community alliances while expanding our impact in the area.

Organizations of national scope should request guidelines from the Intel Foundation.

Below you will find general information about Intel Costa Rica contribution program. It includes information on Intel's company policy on corporate giving, focus areas of interest, and procedures to be followed in applying for support.

Our Focus Areas

Intel's support of education is our greatest priority. Education grants focus primarily on programs that support the areas of math, science, engineering, and technology. Important areas of concern include:

  • Development of women and underrepresented minorities in math, science & technology.
  • Innovative math and science programs involving technology.
  • Environmental education programs.
  • Hands-on student involvement and research-based learning.
  • Teacher training and curriculum improvement.
  • Leadership, career planning, and life skills programs.
Civic Public Policy
Funding is allocated for civic and community programs. We encourage programs that enhance the quality of life in our local communities, celebrate the diversity of our population, enhance opportunities for youth, and/or improve public access to and understanding of technology.

Environmental Sciences and Conservation
Funding is provided to organizations that support innovative environmental programs including environmental education, water conservation, air quality and recycling. Organizations that offer volunteer activities as an element of their program are encouraged.

Grant Guidelines
Any nonprofit organization requesting support from Intel Costa Rica should note the following principles that guide company decisions.
  • Funds are contributed to organizations providing services to residents of Costa Rica . To be eligible for funding, organizations and programs must address specific community needs, and demonstrate fiscal and administrative stability. For programs of national scope, please request an Intel Foundation application form.
  • Intel gives priority to programs that take a collaborative approach to community problems; partnerships between non-profits are encouraged.
  • Preference is given to innovative programs, to develop or expand services, or to improve the quality of an organization's programs or management. Generally, support will be given for only one year and organizations must reapply for support annually.
  • Intel concentrates on grants for programs that support our priority focus areas, serve underrepresented minorities, and actively involve Intel employees as volunteers.
  • Intel Costa Rica typically does not fund:
    • Fundraisers
    • Religious or fraternal organizations
    • Requests from individuals for personal needs
    • Private schools
    • Organizations that discriminate by race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age religion, or national origin
    • Sporting events
    • Capital campaigns For programs of national scope, see Intel Foundation grant guidelines.

Applying for Support

Intel will be happy to answer any questions you have relating to our guidelines and application procedure. Please contact our offices for information.

Public Affairs Office

Intel Education Program
Componentes Intel de Costa Rica
Calle 129 La Ribera de Belen
Heredia, Costa Rica

Due to the volume of requests Intel receives, there may be some delay in responding to applicants.

Download grant application.

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