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Intel in Your Community

Every action taken by Intel in the community is reflected in the active involvement of its employees, in addition to its own financial contribution. This involvement benefits employees themselves as well as the community. The social projects are compatible with Intel's values, and the initiatives originate both from the employees and from the community. Intel's employees donate their time to renovate playgrounds and install safety gadgets in senior citizens' homes. Intel departments adopt groups of children who do not come from regular family backgrounds, such as those living at the Crispin home in Jerusalem and Ahuzat Yeladim in the Carmel.

Higher Education
As a technological leader, Intel invests in the promotion of higher education in Israel. In addition to scholarships for students, it allocates considerable resources to funding research and purchasing laboratory equipment.

Intel is active in providing young people and teachers throughout the country with a scientific-technological education and encouraging outstanding students with scholarships and professional assistance. It develops tools for industry and technological studies, hosts students in its plants and encourages a different way of thinking in schools. The Haifa development center, for example, plays an active role in running classes for gifted children at Gordon College and supports the introduction of scientific study workshops for students in 7th to 9th grades.

Intel Computer Clubhouse
The Intel Computer Clubhouse is a successful and replicable model that uses technology reatively to enable under-served youth to acquire the tools, problem solving skills, and confidence necessary for successful lives. More information.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the world's largest pre-college science competition that provides an opportunity for the world's best young scientists to come together to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge science projects, and compete for over U.S. 3 million dollars in awards and scholarships. More information.

Young Scientist Competition
Young boys and girls from all over the country present creative projects in various areas of science. The winners represent Israel in the international Intel-ISEF competition and other competitions worldwide. Intel volunteers help the competitors select projects for the final stage and also provide them with instruction.

Science Courses
Science courses are offered in all 6th grade classes in Qiryat Gat and the region. These courses use unique hands-on methods to provide the hundreds of students who participate each year with scientific skills. Outstanding graduates join the students as course instructors.

Mathematics Marathons
These marathons, organized in cooperation with the Hebrew University's "Maayanot" Institute, are a means of promoting mathematical talent and learning and teaching abilities in this field. Hundreds of 7th grade students participate in the marathons, and special training is given to mathematics teachers.

Think Creatively
A program fostering creative thinking by making learning a pleasurable experience and operating in all junior high schools in the Qiryat Gat region. More than 1,500 students have participated in workshops devoted to a variety of topics such as "Light," "Movement," and "Relations", and organized with the assistance of some of Israel's top artists.

Journey Inside
The Journey InsideSM is an interactive, media-rich Web site that answers important questions about computers and the Internet through activities that help explain how technology works and impacts our society. Recommended for 5th - 9th grade math, science and technology classes. Parts of it are suitable for even younger or older students (as well as the learner in us all). More information.

Teacher training
With the assistance of the Haifa Technion, Intel Israel arranges seminars for computer science teachers.

Intel Teach to the Future
The Intel´┐Ż Teach to the Future program is a worldwide effort that is designed to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms to enhance student learning. Since its launch in 2000, the program has now trained more than 300,000 teachers around the world. More information.

Discover how teachers around the world use technology to support student learning. An Innovation Odyssey Web site features an exciting new story every school day. More information.

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