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Intel in Your Community
Community Service

Employee Involvement in the Community
Visitor Center
The visitor center in Intel's Lachish-Qiryat Gat plant was established in order to increase contacts between Intel and the community. It offers a unique, interactive overview of the development and manufacture of microchips, work in clean rooms and the role of the processor in our lives. There is also an exhibition covering milestones in the history of Intel Israel, as well as other changing displays. The center is used for visits by community representatives, educators and students. The guides are Intel employees who perform this role on a voluntary basis. In the past year more than 2,500 young people visited this center.

The 'Ofek' Course
A program organized together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Employment Service and Intel, for training suitable candidates from Qiryat Gat and the southern region to work in Intel's manufacturing plant. Graduates of the first three groups on this program have been successfully integrated into Intel after completing the ten months program.

Development of the Taasiyeda Centers
Built with the support of the Association for Community Contacts in the Manufacturers' Association, Intel, and other organizations, the center is a unique educational tool which serves to deepen the relationship between young people, industry and technology. Thousands of children visit the center and learn about industry using a high-tech software program called Taasimulatzia, which was developed with the assistance of Intel and is used by all the Taasiyeda centers in Israel. Intel employees volunteer to train pupils and teachers in those centers. Intel is also participating in the computerization of the municipal library in Qiryat Gat, which it aims to turn into an advanced database center.

Scholarships for Engineering and Science Students
A program operated with the ISEF Foundation, the Gross Foundation and Project Renewal, designed to assist students studying subjects in demand by the high-tech world and to use their potential knowledge to promote community education. More than 50 scholarships are awarded every year to students from the south who, in return, donate their time and knowledge to the young people of Qiryat Gat.

Intel Clubhouse
Intel plans to set up a computer clubhouse for Qiryat Gat's young people. The clubhouse will offer activities designed to encourage young people to work as programmers, inventors and manufacturers.

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