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Intel® Malaysia was among the first U.S. companies to begin operations in Penang in 1972, with an initial investment of US$2 million. Since then, Intel has played a key role in establishing Malaysia as a Center for High Technology Manufacturing, opening an office in Kuala Lumpur in 1995 to build on the excellent performance of the Penang factories and employees. Intel was also the first to begin operations at the new high-tech park in Kulim in 1996.

To date, Intel has invested a total of US$1.9 billion in Malaysia and has trained and employed thousands of talented locals. Today, the company has a highly skilled workforce of more than 8,500.

Our Vision
Creating Value In Everything We Do

Our Mission
Enable Intel�s Growth By Being A Model Virtual-Factory, High-Volume Manufacturing Site

Strategic Objectives

  1. Be The Employer of Choice
  2. Achieve Operation Excellence
  3. Achieve Breakthroughs in Performance
  4. Shape Our Future Towards Adding Value to the Corporation
  5. Make E-business the Way We Do Business

Intel Penang, Malaysia Since 1972


Land Area
75 acres

Build-Up Area
Approx. 1302k sq. ft

Major Milestones

1972 A1 assembly operations starts; PG1 building opens
1977 T3 test operations starts; PG2 building opens
1983 PG4 building opens
1984 PG5 building opens
1988 PG6 building opens
1990 Intel Penang wins the Prime Minister�s Inaugural �Quality Award�
1990 Intel Penang wins the ARTDO Asia Pacific HR Development Award
1991 Intel Penang wins the Intel Quality Award
1991 Penang Packaging Technology Development is established
1992 Intel Penang Design Center is established
1993 Intel Penang wins the Ministry of Human Resources
�Caring Employer Award�
1993 PG2.1 building opens
1994 PG7 building opens
1995 Intel Penang wins the �National Occupational Safety And Health Award�
1996 Job96 Warehouse opens
1997 Intel Integrated Regional Logistic Center Groundbreaking PG8 starts OLGA (Organic Land Grid Array) operations
1998 PG10 building for the Integrated Logistics Center in progress
1999 Intel Integrated Regional Logistics Center officiated by YB Dato� Sri Dr Ling Liong Sik, Minister of Transport on June 3rd
PG8 Building officiated by YAB Dato� Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, on July 2nd Greater Asia Regional Technical Assistance Center established in July
2000 PG9 building opens in April 28th by Chief Minister of Penang
Intel wins the Prime Minister�s �Quality Award� for the second time

Kulim Campus Since 1995

Employees 2500

Land Area 75 acres

Build-Up Area Approx. 550k sq. ft

Major Milestones

Oct 1995 Intel Products sign lease agreement with KPTC�the first company to do so
Nov 1995 Piling and building for KM1 commences
Dec 1995 Employees hired; operate from Intel Penang's PG6 building
Oct 1996 Administration and manufacturing moves to KM1 in Kulim
Nov 1996 Motherboard operations begin
Jun 1997 Achieve ISO 9002 certification
Aug 1997 Intel® Pentium® II processor and SECc manufacturing begins
Oct 1997 Mobile Module Operations begins
Nov 1997 KM2 begins SECc manufacturing
Dec 1997 Administration moves to KM2 in Kulim. 1998
1998 Intel® Celeron" Single Edge Processor Package (SEPP) manufacturing begins
1999 Kulim Plant Opening officiated by YAB Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, Menteri Besar
Kedah on June 15th

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