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Q1 Investor Fact Sheet
The Q1 investor fact sheet is now online with a feature on Sunlin Chou, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Technology and Manufacturing Group.

Proxy Voting
View instructions on how to vote online with your proxy card.

Q1: Do you have any plans to increase the dividend on your stock?
Intel has increased its dividend a number of times over the last several years (adjusted for splits). The Board of Directors considers the appropriate level of dividends each quarter when the dividend is declared.

We believe it is in the best interest of stockholders to reinvest our earnings into the future of the company in research and development. In addition, we use cash for our stock buyback program and merger and acquisition activity.

Q2: Do you have any plans for a stock split?
Intel has had thirteen stock splits in the past. The most recent one was effective 7/30/00. The Board of Directors makes any decision for any future stock splits.

Q3: When is the next earnings release? What is Intel's fiscal year?
Our fiscal year end is December.

To view our upcoming earnings release calendar, click here.

Q4: How can I get a history of Intel's closing stock price?
If you proceed after this CCBN disclaimer, you will get a screen with our stock price; with a time delay.

Q5: How do I transfer my stock or change my address with the transfer agent?
Call Computershare Investor Services L.L.C in the U. S. at 800-298-0146 or 312-360-5123 from other U. S. locations; outside the U. S. at 312-360-5123; fax number at 312-601-4332; email to . Computershare Investor Services L.L.C address is 2 North LaSalle Street, P.O. Box A3504, Chicago, IL 60690-3504.

Q6: When was Intel's initial public offering and what was the opening price?
Intel went public October 13, 1971 at a price of $23.50 per share or 2.0 cents adjusted for our 13 subsequent stock splits.

Q7: What year and where was Intel Corporation incorporated?
Intel was incorporated 3/1/89 in Delaware. Below is a history from Intel California to the current Intel Delaware:

  • 07/18/68 Incorporated: California, as NM Electronics Inc.
  • 8/6/68 Name changed to Intel Corporation, a California Corporation.
  • 3/1/89 Incorporation of Intel Corporation, a Delaware Corporation.
  • 5/5/89 Intel CA merged with and into Intel DE. Intel DE is the surviving corporation.

Q8: What accounting firm audits your financial statements?
Ernest & Young LLC have been Intel's auditors since the companys inception in 1968.

Q9: When was the Annual Meeting of Stockholders? When is the next Annual Meeting of Stockholders?
The 2001 stockholder meeting was held on May 24, 2001 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The 2002 annual meeting of stockholders will be held on May 22, 2002 in Santa Clara.

Q10: Does Intel issue quarterly reports?
Intel files quarterly reports (10Qs) with the SEC, which can be accessed on-line. We post the earnings releases, quarterly investor fact sheets and quarterly financial statements on our web site at The earnings release and 10Q are also available from Computershare Investor Services L.L.C at 1-800-298-0146 or 312-360-5123 from other U. S. locations; outside the U. S. at 312-360-5123.

Q11: What is Intel's CUSIP number?
Intel Common stock CUSIP is 458140-10-0.

Q12: What stock exchanges is Intel traded on?
Intel common stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market and The Swiss Exchange.

Q13: I'm an investor (or am interested in becoming one). How can I find some financial information about Intel?
For financial literature or shareholder services, call Computershare Investor Services L.L.C at (800) 298-0146 or 312-360-5123 from other U. S. locations; outside the U. S. at 312-360-5123; fax number at 312-601-4332; email to . For other investor inquiries, call our Investor Relations department at (408) 765-1480. Also, visit our Intel investors website at

Q14: Do you have an investors e-mail feedback for other questions?
See our annual report feedback. You may ask any investor questions here.

Q15: Is it possible to tour the Intel facilities?
We do not offer tours of our facilities. As an alternative, if you live in or will be visiting Silicon Valley, you are welcome to stop by and visit the Intel Museum where there are a series of interesting exhibits about the company. There you can look via monitor into a producing fab (microprocessor chip factory) next door and see wafers being produced.

Q16: What can you tell me about a rumored upcoming product?
As a general rule, Intel does not comment publicly on unannounced products.

Q17: What can you tell me about an existing or upcoming product from a competitor?
We suggest you ask the company who owns the product.

Q18: How do I contact Intel Investor Relations by telephone, mail, or in person?
In the U. S. the phone number is 408-765-1480. This is the number for the Santa Clara, California facility. The Intel corporate mailing address is:

Intel Corporation RN5-24
2200 Mission College Blvd., P.O. Box 58119
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119

Q19: How can I find out about Intel's Dividend Reinvestment Program?
Call Investor Services L.L.C at (800) 298-0146 (fax number at 312-601-4332) or email to for information on Intel's Dividend Reinvestment Program.

Click here for dividend summary.

Q20: How do I get Intel souvenirs or promotional items?
Shop IntelSM Shop Intel is our online store of clothing and general souvenirs highlighting the Intel and Intel Inside®, Pentium® processor.

For a poster of the Pentium processor, call (800) 548-4725 and ask for SKU #241651-001. This is a Pentium processor poster. At the current time we don't have any posters for the Pentium® Pro processor.


1. Year founded - 1968

2. Year first microprocessor invented by Intel - 1971

3. Management

4. Dates to Remember

  • 1968 Intel founded by Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove
  • 1971 Intel stock goes public
  • 1978 8086 microprocessor (MPU) introduced
  • 1979 Gordon Moore elected President & CEO
  • 1982 i286" microprocessor (MPU) introduced
  • 1985 i386" microprocessor (MPU) introduced
  • 1987 Andy Grove elected President & CEO; Gordon Moore elected Chairman
  • 1989 i486" microprocessor (MPU) introduced
  • 1991 Intel Inside® program began
  • 1993 Pentium® processor (5th generation processor) introduced
  • 1997 Introduced MMX" technology and Pentium® II processor (6th generation processor).
  • 1997 Gordon Moore elected Chairman Emeritus, Andy Grove elected Chairman, Craig Barrett elected President and COO.
  • 1998 - Craig Barrett named President and CEO
  • 2002 - Paul Otellini named President and COO

Note: Complete history of our microprocessors.

5. Intel Revenues, Income and Employees

Year Ended Revenue Change% Net Income Change% Employees
12/88 $2,875M 50.8% $453M 82.7% 20,800
12/89 $3,127M 8.8% $391M (13.7%) 21,700
12/90 $3,921M 25.4% $650M 66.2% 23,900
12/91 $4,779M 21.9% $819M 26.0% 24,600
12/92 $5,844M 22.3% $1,067M 30.3% 25,800
12/93 $8,782M 50.3% $2,295M 115.1% 29,500
12/94 $11,521M 31.2% $2,288M (0.3%) 32,600
12/95 $16,202M 40.6% $3,566M 55.9% 41,600
12/96 $20,847M 28.7% $5,157M 44.6% 48,500
12/97 $25,070M 20.3% $6,945M 34.7% 63,700
12/98 $26,273M 5.0% $6,068M (13.0%) 64,500
12/99 $29,389M 11.9% $7,314M 20.5% 70,200
12/00 $33,726M 14.8% $10,535M 44.0% 86,100
12/01 $26,539M (21.3%) $1,291M (87.7%) 83,400

Note: The above information was current as of 12/01 when the annual report was issued. For complete historical financial information, go to the Intel Annual reports.

6. Properties

No. of Buildings Total Sq. Ft. Location
119 25,487,000 United States
8 1,962,000 Ireland
15 1,778,000 Israel
13 1,763,000 Malaysia
6 1,364,000 Philippines
3 735,000 Costa Rica
4 513,000 China
1 175,000 United Kingdom
3 167,000 Japan
1 80,000 Germany
At December 29, 2001, Intel also leased 79 major facilities in the United States totaling approximately 3,047,000 square feet, and 62 facilities in other countries totaling approximately 2,122,000 square feet.

Note: This information was correct as of 3/02 when the 10-K was issued.

7.Sales offices in the following countries and regions:

Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Belgium, Holland, Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, PRC, Canada, India, Puerto Rico, China, Ireland, Russia, Costa Rica, Israel, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, England, Japan, Switzerland, Finland, Korea, USA, France

of all our facilities.

Important note: Other Intel FAQ's and Facts

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