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Read highlights from the past month.

Q1 Investor Fact Sheet
The Q1 investor fact sheet is now online with a feature on Sunlin Chou, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Technology and Manufacturing Group.

Online Delivery Of Information
The Intel Newswire
This service is provided as a convenience to users who want to receive Intel press releases and other content via email. The Intel Newswire is customizable, so you only receive the content you want.

Online Delivery Of Annual Reports
As an Intel stockholder, you can sign up to receive stockholder communications electronically as soon as they are available, without waiting for them to arrive in your mailbox. When you sign up for electronic delivery, you will receive emails alerting you to the availability of annual meeting material and you will be able to place all of your votes online. Not only is electronic delivery convenient and efficient, it also conserves natural resources and saves your company money!

SPECIAL NOTE: To receive electronic delivery for ALL of your accounts, you must enroll for electronic delivery for EACH account in which you hold Intel stock. For example, if you have Intel shares held in your own name, Intel shares in a brokerage account and Intel shares in an IRA, you must enroll for electronic delivery for each of those three holdings. Questions? Call 1-800-298-0146.

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