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Learn more about the main topics covered in the Intel Museum's exhibits by checking out the following:

Transistors are the building blocks of the microprocessor, which is the brain of the computer. Learn how a transistor is constructed on a chip, and how it controls the flow of digital information in a computer.
Learn about predecessors of today's computer memory chips and see how semiconductor memory chips store information. See how to spell your name using 1's and 0's instead of letters.
Intel builds fingernail-sized microprocessors that incorporate millions of transistors and perform millions of instructions per second. Learn step-by-step how these chips perform their magic.
Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth. Silicon - the base material Intel uses to make computer chips - is the second most abundant element. Where can you find silicon? In common beach sand. See how Intel builds complex chips, layer by layer, atop wafers made of purified silicon.
"Clean your room!" takes on new meaning at Intel, where the factories in which computer chips are made are thousands of times cleaner than hospital operating rooms. Learn why, and see what Intel manufacturing employees wear to work.

Get inside Intel's founders' heads by pretending you're launching a high-tech company. Also enjoy interviews with high-tech insiders, and trace the evolution of Intel's microprocessors.

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