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Statement on Third Party Use of Intel Code Names
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Intel uses internal code names to identify products (and services) that are in development and not yet released to the public. Once an Intel® product is announced to the public, it will receive and be promoted under a commercial name (e.g., Pentium® II processor). After Intel announces a product or service under its commercial name, all reference to that product or service by the Intel code name should cease entirely, and instead should be made with the commercial name only, e.g. Intel® Celeron® processor or Intel® 450GX chipset. Use of the correct Intel commercial product names in advertising and marketing materials is essential to accurate and effective marketing communications, and to avoid potential legal claims based on the use of an Intel code name.

Third Party Use of Intel Code Names
Customers, licensees, and other third parties are not authorized by Intel to use Intel code names in advertising, promotion or marketing of any product or service. The use of any Intel code name in advertising will automatically disqualify the advertisement from qualification for reimbursement under any Intel cooperative marketing program, and could result in termination from Intel marketing programs.

Third Party Reference to Intel MERCED Code Name (at users sole risk)
Notwithstanding the above, Intel will not object to a limited reference to the Intel Merced code name by customers and licensees at Information Technology (IT) trade shows or in press releases, channel presentations, technical papers and marketing collateral, that are distributed to a defined ("targeted") IT audience not the general public. In addition, Intel does not object to customer/licensee use of "IA-64" in marketing materials in lieu of the Merced code name (or in advertising) if accurate and not misleading. However, any such use of the Merced code name and/or IA-64 is at the user's sole risk (see below).

No Liability, Warranty or Indemnification for use of Intel Code Names
Intel does not represent or warrant that any Intel code name is non-infringing or available for use in commerce. Use by customers, licensees, or other third parties of Intel code names may provoke legal challenges from others claiming rights in such names, and may result in legal liability. Intel accepts no responsibility or liability arising from or related to such third party use (in any way) of Intel code names. Intel will not under any circumstances indemnify, defend or hold harmless any customer, licensee, or other third party for the use of an Intel code name. Third party use of Intel code names is at the user's sole risk.

Should you have any question regarding the use of an Intel code name, please contact Intel's Trademarks and Brands Group at:

U.S./CANADA/LAR telephone: 408.765.1805; fax: 408.765.6071
APAC/JAPAN telephone: 011.852.2844.4610; fax: 011.852.2844.4470
EUROPE telephone: 011.44.1793.403571; fax: 011.44.1793.422195

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